Selfie Post Box Booth

Selfie Post Box 

We Bring you the Selfie Post Box, The latest “must have”, combining

State of the Art Digital photo booth technology 

with a traditional post box for you're Wedding or Engagement cards.

Your guests can post their cards into the post box which is locked with a secure combination lock on the rear door to keep your cards safe.

The post box can be branded with your names on the welcome screen

prompting guests to take a selfie, leave you a personal 

video message or record a Boomerang or GIF (great fun).

The Selfie Post Box can be used at all times not just when posting cards

so it will capture your guests and also provide them with entertainment.

When guests use the Selfie post box, The images will have your

names on the picture, They can email , text or scan a QR code to instantly

receive them if desired (all or any of these can be disabled if you wish).

The Selfie Post Box will capture all Images, Video, GIFS & Boomerangs, we will

email you a link to a private site where you can view share or download them

after your special day.

Our Selfie Post Box will be delivered to your venue & set up before you

and your guests arrive.

No attendant is needed.


Why not add a guestbook with prints of all the pictures taken on the day which

we will then post to you after your special day for you to keep.


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